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Dental and Medical Practice Transitions Experience

With more than 55 years combined experience, Mr. Klewans and Mr. Skerritt have the knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of dental and medical practice transitions. We represent dental and medical practitioners on the business side of their practice, throughout the life cycle of their professional career.

Help with Decisions Facing Dental and Medical Practices

There are a multitude of decisions to make when running a dental or medical practice. Many of the decisions facing dental and medical practices are not typical of other industries. While the process of buying, selling, or managing a dental practice can be an exciting journey, it can also be very challenging. Every journey is unique, and we have vast experience assisting and advising dental and medical practitioners with the complex decisions required to run a dental or medical practice.

Establishing and Managing Dental and Medical Business Practices

When establishing a practice and managing ongoing operations dental and medical practitioners must follow very specific rules. These rules may dictate how the business entity may be owned and by whom, how the business may be named or where it may operate, or what types of business arrangements practitioners may have with other providers outside of their practices.

Practice Areas

  1. Business Entity Selection
  2. Sales and Acquisitions
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. Employment Agreements
  5. Independent Contractor Agreements
  6. Dental and Medical Service Organizations
  7. Commercial Lease Agreements
  8. Office Space and Expense-Sharing Agreements
  9. Dental and Medical Practice Buy-Sell Agreements
  10. Enforce-ability of Restrictive Covenants
  11. Succession and Transition Planning
  12. Dental and Medical Practice Dissolution
  13. Associate Transactions and Agreements
  14. Partner, Limited Liability, and Shareholder Transactions and Agreements
  15. Practice Retirement Planning
  16. Conflict Resolution
  17. Employment Issues

We work closely with dentists, physicians, and other health professionals, including but not limited to podiatrists, chiropractors, mental health professionals, and veterinarians.  We have provided dental and medical practice transition services to health care practitioners in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and many other states throughout the United States.

If you are a dental or medical professional in need of an experienced dental practice attorney, we can help.

Call Sam Klewans at 703- 535-5399 or Michael Skerritt at 703-535-5383.